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Host Change June 19, 2014 Thursday Site will be switching hosts in a few days so expect downtime while the switch happens. Old host just costs way to much. So moving to less expensive option.
Slight site maintenance May 20, 2014 Tuesday Updated and deleted old outdated links to other websites that sadly are no longer with up. R.I.P. I also got rid of a section or two from this website. It's been ages since I've done anything for the site. So a little clean up was long overdue. Trying to keep it from dying as now I'm just so tired from working to do much with it. Actually sortof kindof finished another winamp skin. I'm deciding if i like it enough to to share. If you didn't know winamp was recently sold a few months back so we will see if it will live.
Sword Art Online Winamp Skin August 22, 2013 Thursday New sword art online winamp skin added. I actually forgot to update this page. Oops. I've been busy with Japanese class that started on Monday. Still trying to add content to the site. I did finish screencapping the entire SAO series yay. Started screencapping Accel World and trying to finish up Angelic Layer and some of the older series where I only have a few episodes done.
JYJ Winamp Skin August 01, 2013 Thursday Real quick update. New JYJ winamp skin available for download in the winamp skins section. That's it for now.
SNSD Winamp Skin July 30, 2013 Tuesday I've been making an effort to work on the website. New SNSD Twinkle winamp skin is available for download in the winamp section. Uploaded some new screencaps from Sword Art Online. I'm thinking about some major changes but I'll have to see how things go. Thats it for now. Enjoy.
Aquarion EVOL Winamp Skins June 12, 2013 Wednesday I've been meaning to upload these skins for about a year now. But work is seriously stressful and I haven't felt like doing a thing with the website. So I'll try today to get the others up and finish the last one I had planned to do finished. I'm seriously sad though because some of my favorite websites for material are gone. animepaper for one. They decided it was time and Aethereality is gone *cries*. I figure mine is headed in that direction too as more and more of lifes responsibilities pile on. I did fix an issue I wasn't aware of with the wrong skins downloading earlier this week. But enough for now. Enjoy the new skins.
Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief Winamp Skin September 10, 2011 Saturday I haven't updated the website in months and months and months. Way too tired from work and playing maplestory. But I wanted a Percy Jackson winamp skin and the one I found online sucked bad. It was made from one of those winamp programs ... which don't work well. The skin is from the cover of the Lightning Thief. I'll make more if I can find good pics.
Changmin (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki) Winamp Skins February 24, 2011 Thursday Finally something new for the website. As everyone should know who visits this site I'm a huge JYJ/DBSK fan. So when I saw Changmin in the new video I was like he's so hot!!!. So I made one skin of Changmin. A friend was like I don't want those two dancers in the skin so she took them out. Then she sent me a pic that she edited and put three different poses of Changmin from the video in. So now everyone has three different skins to choose from of Changmin. *Sighs* I'm thinking of making one of Yunho as well. On a different note I think I've got all the winamp skins working. I will be checking each page to make sure everything is working like it should be. Just incase you can't get a skin to download you can go here and get them (most if not all of the skins on the site are there).

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