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Site Terms of Service

1. Respect my work and the work of those who have been generous enough to share their love of anime will us. This means no saving any of the images or winamp skins found on this site making changes to and submitting it to another site as your own work. The person whose work it is or I will eventually find out and report you. Please ask if you want to place any of the winamp skins on your site just email me at misakichan at or use the tagboard to ask. If you want to use any of the images on your site please provide a link back to Dreams of Anime on your credits page or somewhere else that visible on your site. The correct link is:

2. Be nice to others. This basically means no abuse of the tagboard. This means no swearing, no cussing (cursing), no harassment, no flaming.

3. No advertisments. This means no promoting of personal/commerical websites. This will get you banned from the tagboard.

4. Don't submit others work to Dreams of Anime. If you notice your work on the site let me know. Please include your name (either real or online), the website where the orginal image can be found, and if you want the image removed or credited to you. Please give me a few days sometimes I forget to check things (yeah yeah i'm forgetful sometimes sorry).

5. Please do not hotlink. Bandwidth isn't free.

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