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Dreams of Anime - Credits Monday, April 23, 2018


All screencaps used on the site and the image gallery are taken by me, misaki unless stated otherwise.

Winamp Skins
Thank you to aria for taking the time to make and submit winamp skins for the website. I'd also like to thank Ayne Greensleeves for giving me permission to use her Harry Potter Illustrations in my Winamp Skins. I usually don't pay attention to where I get images I use for my winamp skins most of the time because I've had it on the hard drive for ages... but on the off chance I do know I will usually say so in the readme.txt.

Avatar templates and bases
For all of you guys out there in livejournal I'd like to thank you for the use of your templates and bases that I often used in making my avatars. Again thanks a bunch. Hahaha sounds like i'm accepting an award of something but yeah thanks for making those and sharing.

Images used in the header banner are from Aethereality. Website is now closed. I don't know if it will ever be back. Newer renders from DeviantArt: zerolshikumai (Kirito SAO), ajisai12 (Asuna SAO), zaydo (Asuna SAO), mcnicoxo (Luffy One Piece), Hika-sk (toradora & Zero Vampire Knight)

Thank you to DayDream Graphics for some of the php code used on this site. It's mostly (just about) dead as well. It's greatly appreciated.

All anime characters, series, logos, trademarks, images are property of their respective owners. Dreams of Anime makes no claim of ownership on the original images just the work that has been done to the images.

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