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Dreams of Anime ~ About Me Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Little Something About Me

Real Name:
Not saying since I think its stupid to put too much of your real self online. Just call me Misaki as its really the only name I go by online.

misaki, misakichii, misakichan, and sometimes chihiro

Female, all girl, women etc...

My own little world ... which isn't always a good thing but hey thats where you can find me.

Does this website count?, making winamp skins, watching music vids, watching anime, sleeping

Sunflowers, feeling free, long weekends (who doesn't?), korean food, happiness

Manwhores (a whore who happens to be male), broccoli, brussel sprouts, mean/fake people, bullies, whiners, people who lie when the true doesn't hurt and the lie is obvious, users, mushy cereal

Fav. Color:
Purple, green, some blues

Fav. Anime:
Cardcaptor Sakura, Angelic Layer, D.N. Angel, Lain, Hikaru No Go, Haibane Renmei, Trigun, Bleach

Fav. Manga:
W Juliet, Love Monster, Angel Wars, Psychic Academy, Hanazakari no Kimitachi E

Fav. Characters:
Honey (OHSHC), Momiji (Fruits Basket), Miroku (InuYasha), Sai (HNG), Sakura (CCS)

Currently Watching
Bleach (I'm on haitus from this... so long), Toradora

Recently Finished
Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan ... yes I read kids books too

Current Obsession(s):
Way too tired to have any.

Fav. JPop Artist:
Alice Nine, Crystal Kay, M-Flo, Bonnie Pink, MayJ, Koda Kumi, Ryohei Yamamoto, Tsukiki Amano, Mink

Fav. KPop Artist:
2PM, BoA, SHINee, EXO-K, Super Junior

Fav. Songs:
The Way - Ariana Grande
Moonshine - Bruno Mars
Mine - Jaejoong
Hitchhiking - SHINee

Anime Owned:
Azumanaga Daioh Boxset, Angelic Layer Boxset, Pretear Boxset, Peacemaker Kurogane Box + Vol. 1, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Box + Vol. 1, Licensed by Royalty Box + Vol. 1, Stellvia of the Universe Box Set, Hikaru No Go Vol. 1., Card Captor Sakura Vol. 1, Haibane Renmei Box Set, FullMetal Alchemist Vol. 2 & 3. Most of the Studio Ghibli anime movies, all of Hikaru No Go except for Vol. 10.

Lots of things ... purple hair, new job.

Nutella, and HOT Korean Men (hehehe), Korean Food

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